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September 11, 2014

Sustainability with kids at home – by Sammantha England

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We define sustainability as, development used to meet the needs of the present with out compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  It is safe to say that people who practice sustainability want to focus on the people in the present as well as the generation of the future.  Planting that seed of why practicing sustainability is important to children is crucial for sustainability’s survival.  I’ve proposed a list of fun and educational projects that you can do with a child that teaches them about sustainability.


Composting is a great sustainable practice that kids would enjoy learning about and would want to help create for the home.  Teaching them that composting is good for the environment, recycles kitchen and yard waste, and reduces landfill waste are some of the things they will learn about the benefits of composting. They can use the rich soil to help plant native landscaping for the home.  Another fun idea is to let them create their own garden with the soil from the compost.  They can also decorate rain barrels to help conserve water use and save money. The vegetables and fruits that they can grow will enrich their diets and be right in the yard for pick up! It may be trial and error at first, but they will learn the fundamentals of gardening that will benefit them in their future with sustainability.


Starting recycling in the home is a great way to plant the seed of sustainability in children.   Teaching them that recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change, help conserves natural resources, and saves energy are just some of the few facts they will learn.  Also, teaching them what they can and cannot recycle, as well as why they can’t recycle certain products, will strengthen their knowledge about the overall process of sustainability. Donating or selling their clothes that no longer fit is also a form of recycling. Rather than just letting them sit in a landfill with no use, they are contributing to others who are in need that can use the clothes for years to come.

Teaching a child everyday routines at home can contribute to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Some routines include, turning off lights after using them, use natural light as much as possible, dress appropriately to use less energy, don’t water while brushing your teeth, take short showers, read books instead of watching television or playing video games, don’t leave computers, televisions, or other electronics on if not using, are some great routines to teach a child that help be sustainable at home. Also, sharing fun facts to kids about the environment, overconsumption of materials from the earth, global climate change, and Earth Day will be educationally beneficial to their knowledge.

These are some of the few activities and routines that will help plant that seed of sustainability in a child’s life. This can help create a special bond within the family. It allows you to spend quality time with your children, as well as teaching them how important that respecting the earth and humanity is. All in all, help inspire our future generations to lead the way to sustainability success.

 Kids holding together a terrestrial globe.

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