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October 30, 2014

Be a Part of South Bend’s Future

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Special Blog Post from Maggie Kent, Intern with the City of South Bend, Office of Sustainability

Sustainability is a way of thinking that accounts for environmental, economic, and social impacts of activities both within city government and in the larger South Bend community. Becoming a more sustainable city means South Bend will have a stronger economy, bounce back better after disasters, and be a more enjoyable place to live and work. Working together towards sustainability promotes investments in our community, celebrates and helps preserve local assets, and cultivates our parks and open spaces.

The purpose of the South Bend Office of Sustainability is to make South Bend a more sustainable city.  To best serve the needs and dreams of the city we need to know what, as a community, is most important to you.

What are South Bend’s issues and assets?

What do you imagine for our city?

Your opinions will help identify projects and priorities for a strategic sustainability plan that will be promoted and implemented by the Office.

Help South Bend find creative ways to preserve natural resources, ensure social equity, and cut costs.  Sustainability opportunities such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation and biking, connections between health and sustainability, reducing waste, and public outreach can build upon South Bend’s City Plan, the South Bend Parks and Recreation Plan, and the Smart Streets Initiative. We will use these initiatives to prioritize efforts that help bridge city functions or community groups.

Take our survey to have a direct impact in the creation of the future-focused, Sustainable South Bend. Share your values and priorities for a sustainable city so the South Bend Office of Sustainability can go to work with you.

Be a part of South Bend’s future – share your opinions!

Take the survey at www.southbendin.gov/sustainability

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October 20, 2014

My Journey to Sustainability

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By Sam England

Former Sustainability Studies Intern, Sales and Development at Inovateus Solar

My love for sustainability started when I was younger.  My family had a garden where we would pick from and can food for the IMG_5032year. We would also recycle, and would pick up trash along the side of the roads.  My family had a love for the planet, and we would hike, camp, and bike outside often.  I also did these same things for my high school, and would help with their recycling committee as well. I often stayed after sporting events and helped pick up trash that people had left. I always had a motto of, “This is our One Earth, we have a duty to be kind to it.”

As I entered Indiana University of South Bend’s Communications program, I was informed by Professor Henry Scott that there was a minor in Sustainability Studies.  I knew I wanted to create a unique degree that allowed me to have the advantages of a communications degree, and pair it up with sustainability since I believed it was going to become more and more apart of our society. I had a real interest in renewable energy and businesses overall becoming more sustainable.
I then fell in love with the minor, and various classes we were able to take.  One class in particular, the Sustainability Practicum class with Professor Mike Keen, changed my life. During a class meeting, the President of Inovateus Solar, T.J. Kanczuzewski, came into the class to talk about the company.  After hearing his speech, and the values that Inovateus had as a company, I knew that it was something that I wanted to be apart of.  I personally introduced myself and told him that an internship was something I would be extremely interested in.

A few months had past and the end of the semester had approached.  T.J. asked Mike Keen for my contact information and I if I was still interested in a potential internship position.  I was thankful that he remembered my interest, and after that I had an interview with Tom Brown, VP of Sales, and Peter Rienks, Senior Accountant Executive. They offered me an internship position for the sales and development team later that day, and I greatly accepted.

From that day forward, my life has changed.  I have been apart of some amazing things that the company has done to make that step towards a more sustainable future.  I have the pleasure working with amazing, hard-working, and determined people on the Inovateus team.  I have had the privilege of going to InterSolar in San Fransico, singing in Solar Battle of the Bands, helping with some incredible sales proposals to fortune 500 companies, and now going to SPI in Vegas.  I work hard for Inovateus, because I believe in the company and I know they believe in me.  I’m honored to still have a position at the company and I can’t wait for what the future holds. IMG_0824

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